Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Why a Blog for a Book?

Why does Traveler have a blog?

The answer is at once simple and complicated, (those that really know me know that I hate the word complicated - too often it's used out of context to simply give a vague, "lying without lying" answer.  Give it a second, you'll get it).

I've compiled a small list of reasons I've set up a sort of daily account of what shape the book is taking... 

  1. I get asked several times a day: When are you going to set up a blog for the book?  - Go figure.. I took the relentless asking as a compliment and here we are.
  2. Many people have become caught up in the mystery surrounding the story - I've been told that some think of questions in the middle of the night to ask me concerning the book and characters... I think this will work as a grand forum for information gathering for the readers.
  3. I can write things on the blog instead of repeating it a thousand times to a thousand different people - nuff said.

So, my plans concerning posts here are these:  

I will attempt to post a couple of times a day, (more if I'm feeling froggy).  These posts, starting with the one that will follow this one, will give some information as to plot, character development, completion and deadline dates, random thoughts about certain situations in the book and, (as the day looms closer), dates, times and location of the launch party... hey, it's NOLA... we celebrate everything!

So there's the 'why' of it... to quote General George S. Patton:

"Gentlemen, as long as we know the why of a thing, we can get the 'how' of a thing done easily... it's a simple matter of discipline."  ~ General George S. Patton